Borkum Island
Borkum Island ©Wirtschaftsbetriebe der Stadt NSHB Borkum

Borkum – the essence of East Friesland

Borkum, which belongs in part to the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park, is the largest of the seven East Frisian islands, covering almost 31 square kilometres. Holidaymakers come for its mild maritime climate and unspoilt surroundings.

Located around 30 kilometres from the mainland, the island of Borkum is Germany's most north-westerly point and offers a tantalising chance to escape your everyday cares. With air rich in iodine and low in pollen, it is the ideal destination for a health and wellness break – you'll begin to relax without even noticing it. Choose from gentle walks along miles of sandy beaches, cycling tours through stunning natural landscapes, and a wide range of spa treatments at the Gezeitenland water and wellness complex. Borkum has a long tradition of thalassotherapy, which harnesses the healing powers of the sea.

Borkum's unspoilt natural environment is particularly striking at the Borkumriff sandbank, where entire families of seals can be seen basking in the midday sun. And the island's horseshoe shape offers a wide range of habitats to 560 species of plants. Great sweeps of pristine dunes give way to inland meadows and freshwater pools, where species of orchid found nowhere else blossom and thrive.

As well as relaxation and fresh air, Borkum also offers a wealth of history. Holidaymakers can only reach the Old Lighthouse by climbing over the oldest foundations on Germany's North Sea coast. Borkum also has a long tradition of whaling, which is documented in a fascinating exhibition at the island's Dykhus museum. And finally the island's most recent draw – a high ropes course that opened in 2011, right by the sea. There are a total of 60 stages to climb. Your reward: an amazing view out over the North Sea.

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