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Les stations thermales et de cure de A à Z
Baltic spa resort of Göhren, Hohenzollern House
Bad Sobernheim
Bad Wörishofen, thermal baths

Guérissez-vous vous-même grâce aux méthodes Kneipp, Felke et Schroth

Aider le corps à s'aider lui-même, c'est ce que voulaient faire les inventeurs des fameuses cures Kneipp, Felke et Schroth. Ils y sont parvenus grâce à un mélange des justes ingrédients.

Bad Schandau is an old-established spa resort in Saxon Switzerland. Its spa facilities adhere to the naturopathic principles developed by Sebastian Kneipp, the father of hydrotherapy, and were built during his lifetime. read more »

The town of Bad Lauterberg in the Harz mountains is a recognised hydrotherapy spa resort that is also known for its Schroth treatments – a combination that will appeal to all health-conscious travellers. read more »

Germany's only Felke spa resort, which is set among vineyards, meadows and forests, attracts many visitors and spa guests to this holiday region. read more »

Bad Schmiedeberg is located in the heart of Düben Heath nature reserve. The diverse countryside creates an exceptional backdrop for this resort which provides a broad spectrum of leisure and fitness breaks. read more »

120 years ago Sebastian Kneipp made Wörishofen the talk of Germany with his unique Kneipp spa treatments and this time-honoured spa resort in the Allgäu has been a popular holiday destination ever since. read more »

In Germany's only Schroth spa resort, which lies between Neuschwanstein Castle and Lake Constance, visitors can leave their everyday vices behind and strengthen the body's own defences. read more »

Anyone in search of relaxation will enjoy the fresh sea air and health-boosting hydrotherapy treatments in Göhren, the third-largest resort on the island of Rügen. read more »