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Indoor & interactive: learning has never been so much fun

Enjoyment, excitement and education are the buzzwords at Germany's indoor and interactive attractions, which not only encourage learning but also provide hours of entertainment and playtime fun!

Games, sport, fun and excitement – what counts is getting involved. 365 days a year and whatever the weather, in Germany there is no chance of getting bored. We have a wide array of attractive leisure options to choose from, with some specialising in specific activities or interests. And they are not only fun for children, grown-ups will enjoy them too! 'Edutainment' – learning while having fun – is a central concept at indoor play worlds, theme parks, science centres and interactive museums. These attractions offer something for everyone: fun and games for little ones, activity and adventure for older children, and peace of mind for parents. It is so easy to spoil children's enthusiasm for learning. If they simply read, learn by rote and recite, it will be – Physics - dull! Maths – no thanks! And biology – forget it! But if children are able to take a hands-on approach, try things out for themselves, experiment and use all their senses, it is a different experience altogether and the learning happens automatically. Why doesn't a space ship need sails? Can robots dance? Why is the sky blue? How does salt get into the sea? Questions like this challenge enquiring young minds. Interactive museums and science centres aim to provide answers to these and other questions. They cater exclusively for curious young visitors for whom the conventional code of conduct for museums – be quiet and don't touch – doesn't apply. Children are expressly encouraged to take a hands-on approach, ask questions and try things out. The fun factor is always high at Germany's indoor and interactive worlds – even for the grown-ups!

For something a bit different, head to the Schwarzlichtviertel in Hamburg-Eidelstedt where you'll find Germany's biggest blacklight attraction. Fun for every generation, this indoor adventure zone transports you to a world of colours and illusions. For ages five and above. read more »

Discover a world of natural wonders at Hagenbeck Tropical Aquarium in Hamburg. Embark on an exciting expedition that takes in the deepest tropical seas, ancient forests and mysterious caves and grottoes. read more »

The EXPLORA Science Centre in Frankfurt specialises in visual phenomena and optical illusions that will fool the eye and trick the brain. It's a place for children aged five and upwards to learn by doing and experiment, play and discover. read more »

This newly opened state-of-the-art science centre in Berlin is part of the neighbouring Museum of Technology. It offers a world of wonders for people who love discovery and experimentation. Suitable for children aged five and above. read more »

The story and the science behind the UNESCO World Heritage Völklingen Ironworks in the Saarland are brought to life at the Ferrodrom Science Centre, which gives visitors of all ages the chance to learn about the four elements of fire, water, earth and air. read more »

Welcome to the world's most modern high-performance wind tunnel, delivering the ultimate kick. The niche sport of bodyflight is great fun for all in the skydiving tunnel, in any wind or weather! Suitable for children aged four and above. read more »

The Children's Academy in Fulda is Germany's oldest independent children's museum. Come along, try things out and learn by doing is the mantra here for children aged between five and fourteen. It's a real workout for the senses! read more »

Why? How? What for? Our world is full of exciting phenomena. At the Universum Bremen Science Center, the wonders of the scientific world are brought to life for the whole family using interactive exhibits in creatively designed display areas. read more »

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