A wealth of discoveries on the North Sea coast – Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park

The Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park on Germany's North Sea coast provides protection for the Wadden Sea, the coastal area of mudflats between the Ems and Elbe rivers, as well as to the offshore East Frisian islands.

Situated in Lower Saxony, in the top north-western corner of Germany, the national park invites visitors on a journey to explore the remarkable wetlands along the North Sea coast.

Visitors can experience magnificent natural spectacles and amazing landscapes, such as the region's characteristic salt marshes, the steep sandy dunes near Dangast and the 'floating bog' near Sehestedt, Germany's last remaining outer dyke bog.

A great diversity of flora and fauna flourishes in the temperate environment of the mudflats. The common shelduck, one of this coastal region's most attractive birds, is a particularly impressive resident. Between August and September, visitors can watch these magnificent seabirds flying in and settling on the mudflats. The Norddeich seal centre is also well worth a visit.

In addition to the many ways of experiencing nature and interacting with animals the region also offers a number of other attractions that represent its history and culture, for example the Wattenmeerhaus information centre in Wilhelmshaven, a lightship and the whalebone fence on Borkum, the fisherman's house museum on Norderney, House Dornumsiel with its moat, the German Maritime Museum in Bremerhaven and the old lighthouse on Wangerooge. A visit to the East Frisian islands is also worthwhile. From swimming in the sea and enjoying the wide expanses of beach, to horse-drawn carriage rides across the islands and walks through the salt marsh – the national park's leisure activities promise ample rest and relaxation.

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