Alpine rafting at Ravensburger Spieleland
Alpine rafting at Ravensburger Spieleland ©Ravensburger Freizeit und Promotion GmbH
German National Tourist Board
Visitors' Choice 2017
Ravensburger Spieleland theme park

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Visitor information

  • Open late March to early November
  • Events
  • Accessible for wheelchair users
  • Suitable for children aged 3+

Ravensburger Spieleland: fun, games and adventure near Lake Constance

Open since 1998, Ravensburger Spieleland is home to the 'biggest playroom' in the world and is absolutely ideal for families with children aged three and above. The 25-hectare park is located in Upper Swabia between Ravensburg and Lake Constance.

At Ravensburger Spieleland, little ones can whizz along the Fix & Foxi toboggan run at lightning speed, have a go at the giant puzzle or hurtle down the 60m waterslide in Professor Knox's turbo boats. Grown-ups can join the kids on the 400m wildwater Alpine-rafting ride in the Land of Discovery, or watch their adventures with the Bluebear Fleet in Captain Bluebear's Wonderland. The galley serves delicious food – perfect for hungry little pirates! At the circus and magic school, it's all about getting hands on. The Ravensburger company is famous for its puzzles and board games, and you can enjoy some of these in supersize format at the Kaleidoscope of Fun and Games: only here can visitors explore the aMAZEing labyrinth and enjoy splashtastic, fast-paced fun on the hippo ride. At the driving school, kids can practise the rules of the road in slow-speed electric cars and even take their 'driving test'! As well as being home to the Spieleland lake, the Interactive Land has an unmissable water park with rivers, locks, paddle wheels, pumps, spray nozzles and a real weir. A wall-less bouncy castle and the Ravensburger Puzzle Centre are recent additions. Ravensburger Spieleland has seven theme worlds in all, with more than 60 fun-packed rides and attractions!


Colourful on the outside, tasty on the inside: the brand-new Chocolate House at Ravensburger Spieleland is a must for chocoholics! At the chocolate workshop, visitors with a sweet tooth will learn everything there is to know about the chocolate-making process – from the cocoa bean to the finished product – and afterwards make their very own chocolate complete with wrapper. Gummi bears, crispy balls or marshmallows as fillings? Anything goes! At the Kaleidoscope of Fun and Games theme world, you'll find all of Ravensburger's classic board games brought to life – from the hippo water ride and the aMAZEzing labyrinth to the brilliant Memory Flight. Those who have not yet run out of steam can compete in the fire brigade game against other firemen. At Future World, you become astronauts and explore the lunar landscape in a Galaxy Racer. And that's not all, there are plenty more attractions in store!

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