Märkischer Landweg
Märkischer Landweg ©Kappest-Uckermark/tmu GmbH

The Märkischer Landweg Trail - hiking in the land of lakes and forests

When we hike on the Märkischer Landweg Trail, we head through the most pristine floodplains in Europe. This trail boasts 190 kilometres of pure nature in Brandenburg, from Berlin to the Polish border.

We take it easy and hike at a leisurely pace through the former Margraviate of Brandenburg. On the ten stages from Feldberg to Mescherin, we begin by exploring vast stretches of forest. We hike through very open, expansive landscapes in the Lower Oder Valley National Park on the Polish border.

Although we travel through interesting places such as Templin, Schwedt and Angermünde (with its picturesque Old Town and castle), pure nature steals the show.

Hiking over narrow, sandy paths beside the many lakes is incredible. We enjoy the calming effect of the tranquil water. Why not take a dip in the lake or canoe along it? Both are possible on the Märkischer Landweg Trail. The blue cross on the white background guides us along our quality hiking trail to the region's most idyllic spots.

TIP: Lychen

Manuel Andrack, editor, presenter, author and hiking blogger:
"The raftsman's city of Lychen is surrounded by seven lakes. The raftsmen of Lychen once transported the wood from the region's forests to Berlin. Nowadays, you can book raft trips and visit the Timber Rafting Museum in Lychen."

At a glance: Märkischer Landweg

Starts: Feldberg Lake District (Feldberger Seenlandschaft)

Ends: Mescherin

Length: 217 km

Number of stages: 10

Altitude variation: lowest point 3 m, highest point 114 m

Terrain: 70% unmade, 18% asphalt, 12% other, e.g. farm tracks

Certified quality hiking trail

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