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Fulda: Fasanerie Castle and grounds

German Timbered House Route – Admire old German craftsmanship

This almost 3000 km route showcases the various half-timbered styles to be found in around 100 romantic medieval towns from Stade to Meersburg on Lake Constance. Half-timbered buildings adorn the route like pearls and are found here in a density and quality that is without compare worldwide.

With their lofty half-timbered façades and small transom windows, half-timbered houses are a charming, living example of a wooden architectural style that is both environmentally friendly and pleasing to the eye. Germany's half-timbered architecture comes in a wealth of different styles, shapes and colours and on the German Half-Timbered Houses Route, all of these are set against an idyllic backdrop of countryside landscape and romantic towns. House are built all over the world but no other country on Earth has as many treasures of half-timbered architecture as Germany, which is home to around 2.5 million such buildings.

Half-timbering here is not the same as half-timbering there

Whilst Dutch half-timbered houses feature complex decorative features such as sun disks, decorated beams (Laubstäbe), figurines and inscriptions, Franconian and Alemannic half-timbered houses feature even more fanciful designs. With striking architectural configurations, bold designs, splendid ornamentation and brightly coloured paintwork, this is a journey through 1,000 years of history, with each region showcasing its own distinctive style of construction.

A sea of contrasts

There's more to this route than architectural treasures. Romantic Baroque ecclesiastical buildings and treasures of the Weser Renaissance such as the medieval Hexentürme, Germany's most northernly vineyard, the lovingly restored monuments, the home of Äppelwoi (regional cider) or the birthplace of bock beer are just as at home here.

Half-timbering: a common thread

Festivals, markets and events offer visitors a wealth of variety and excitement all year round. Whether you do the trip by bike, car, camper van or train, here you will discover why the half-timbered buildings of Lower Saxony are so different from those on Lake Constance.

German Half-Timbered Houses Route

Length: approximately 3000 km

Theme: half-timbered buildings and medieval towns

Bad Urach: castle, Falkenstein Caves (Falkensteiner Höhle), waterfall
Celle: half-timbered buildings, castle, museums
Dornstetten: old quarter, the Bare Foot Park (Barfußpark), visitor mine,
Hanau: Brothers Grimm, museums, Goldsmith's House (Goldschmiedehaus)
Hann.-Münden: historical old quarter, Guelph Palace (Welfenschloss), nature park
Meersburg: castle, palace, Bible Gallery (Bibelgalerie)
Stade: Hanseatic city, half-timbered houses, museums
Stolberg: castle, half-timbered houses
Wetzlar: old quarter, cathedral, museums