Neuschwanstein Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle ©Tourismusverband Ostallgäu (TVOAL)

Allgäu Castle Park Cycle Loop - a cycle route fit for a king

Explore the fairytale castle park of the Allgäu on five sections covering a total length of 219 kilometres. Cyclists can enjoy a scenic and culturally stimulating experience while savouring the excellent service along this 5-star cycle route.

After a stroll through the idyllic old town of Füssen, it is time to set off on the trail to Hohenschwangau, with stunningly regal views of the nearby Alpine peaks and royal palaces. The museum devoted to Ludwig II contains a wealth of fascinating facts about the Fairy Tale King and his family. The route continues past Lake Bannwaldsee through the Birnbaumer Filz moorland to the Pfaffenwinkel. The slightly odd name comes from the large number of monasteries in this area (“Pfaffe” means “cleric”). While you are here, it is worth taking a trip to the Pilgrimage Church of Wies, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Pilgrimage Church enchants millions of visitors each year. The route continues along the disused Marktoberdorf-Lechbruck railway line to Steinbach. From here, it crosses upland moors and mountains. After riding along the former “Sachsenrieder Bähnle” railway line, it is worth sampling a home-brewed beer in the Kaltentaler Brauhaus. The route continues north to Buchloe, the gateway to the Allgäu, passing the artificial lakes along the Wertach where you can observe countless aquatic birds. Forestry and distant views of the Alps herald the western edge of the castle parkland, where the ruins of Falkenstein Castle are the highest in Germany. The last stage heads down to Weißensee and back to Füssen.

Characteristics: Moderate climbs and flat tarmac paths dominate this circular route, which can be ridden in stages.

Scenery: The cycle path starts in the foothills of the Alps and heads into the mountainous Allgäu region. Along the way, monasteries, pilgrimage churches, fairytale castles and picture-postcard villages provide cultural diversity, while scenic upland moors, lakes and rivers are perfect for enjoying activities such as Kneipp hydrotherapy, moorland walks and rock climbing.

At a glance: Allgäu Castle Park Cycle Loop

Length: 219 kilometres

Start/end: Füssen

Getting here (nearest main town/city): Kempten (44 kilometres)

Route info: Tours with moderate, sometimes steeper climbs, mostly even tarmac paths

5-Star Quality Cycling Route



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