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Gallery of Old & New Masters, Schwerin State Museum
Frieder Burda Museum
Hombroich Museum
Buchheim Museum
MARTa Herford
Alte Pinakothek
Wallraf Richartz Museum
Cathedral and Diocesan Museum
Felix Nussbaum Haus
Karlsruhe State Art Gallery
View of the excavations at the Isis temple
Kunsthalle Bremen
Old Synagogue, Erfurt
Schirn art gallery, Frankfurt

Beauty in all its forms: art and architecture in Germany

From Old Masters to modern masterpieces, Germany is home to extraordinary treasures of the art world spanning every period and century. Marvel at fine art in all its forms of expression and discover architectural wonders that defined their eras.

The Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg presents priceless artefacts that bear witness to the cultural past of the German-speaking world in a vibrant and easy-to-follow display. read more »

One of the world's leading galleries, the Haus der Kunst in the English Garden in Munich mounts retrospectives on contemporary artists as well as special themed exhibitions. read more »

Founded in the mid-19th century by King Ludwig I, the Neue Pinakothek in Munich was the first public museum in Europe dedicated exclusively to contemporary art. read more »

More than 700 paintings from 14th to 18th century Europe hang on the walls of the Alte Pinakothek gallery in Munich – and that's just the permanent exhibition. read more »

The Lenbachhaus gallery in Munich houses paintings and sculptures from classical modernism and the present day. read more »

In March 2012 the GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts in Leipzig opened the third part of its new permanent exhibition. read more »

The Wallraf in Cologne is one of the foremost picture galleries in Germany. read more »

The Kestnergesellschaft in Hannover is one of Germany's biggest and best-known community art galleries. read more »

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