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Art Palace Museum Düsseldorf

The Art Palace, redesigned by Oswald Mathias Ungers in 2001, has come to be highly regarded the world over thanks to its outstanding exhibitions.

The collections on display at the Art Palace, including the paintings, complete with a noteworthy collection of artwork by Rubens, sculptures, prints and drawings, and the Hentrich Glass Museum, have also earned themselves an excellent reputation worldwide. There is ample opportunity for research, displays and education-based work here. The Art Palace is unique in the way it masterfully brings virtually all genres of art and a great number of eras together under one roof.

More than 2,000 works were added to the Art Palace's collections of modern art, prints and drawings when the Kemp Collection was donated in 2011. And it is additions like this that keep the museum vibrant and exciting. The collections continue to grow with specific purchases being made and gifts being donated. The Robert Schumann Hall is part of the museum, offering an extensive programme featuring everything from chamber music to cabaret in a multifunctional space. Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday: 11 am–6 pm

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