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Bucerius Art Forum Hamburg

Located on the same square as the town hall, the Bucerius Art Forum gives visitors an exclusive opportunity to experience true artistic classics. Four temporary exhibitions are hosted each year with a sharp focus on international art of exceptional quality.

The exhibition venue at the heart of Hamburg owes its existence to a foundation that started to fund science, art and education back in the 1970s, before establishing the Bucerius Art Forum in 2002. Its specific exhibition concepts and interdisciplinary programmes of events have led to it gaining a reputation as a forum for the entire world of art. Exhibitions are always based around a particular topic, era or artist and they present connections and relationships between different eras and disciplines, between traditional and modern art.

Although the Bucerius Art Forum does focus on Classical Modernism, its exhibitions touch upon each era in turn. The rooms at the forum play host to four exhibitions each year, with the layout changing in line with the exhibits on display. Concerts, lectures and readings also make it onto the agenda, offering up food for thought to get visitors discussing the big issues in our society and reflecting on art's role in light of globalisation. Opening times: Every day: 11 am–7 pm, Thursday: 11 am–9 pm

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