To make travel planning easier for visitors with disabilities, information about the accessibility of specific places within Germany is systematically assembled and presented. Use the “Tourism for All” database, which includes a wide array of tourist options for visitors with disabilities for your customised search.

“Tourism for All” is a labelling system for tourist options in Germany. It was first launched by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi). The details of the participating institutions are recorded by independent investigators and certified by a test centre.

The relevant details are collected for seven different groups of visitors:

  • People with reduced mobility,
  • wheelchair users,
  • people with impaired hearing,
  • deaf people,
  • visually impaired people,
  • blind people and
  • people with learning difficulties.

Some federal states also record information for guests with allergies and intolerances.

The survey was conducted with people from these groups of visitors.

The range of options recorded extends across the entire range of holiday experiences, from the journey there to the accommodation options, dining facilities and providers in the field of culture, entertainment, shopping, excursions, nature experiences, guided tours and much more. It covers everything you could possible want to use and experience on holiday.

Guests with disabilities can filter the options in the database according to their individual needs and receive very specific, detailed and dependable information on a large number of offers in Germany. Give it a try!

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