This UNESCO route through the west and south-west of Germany with the wine regions of the Moselle, Hessische Bergstrasse, Palatinate, Baden and Württemberg takes in a number of venerable sites of spirituality and hospitality. It journeys back to a time when industrial chimneys joined church towers as defining features of the landscape.

Route information

UNESCO World Heritage sites:

  • Roman monuments, the Cathedral and Church of Our Lady in Trier
  • Völklingen Ironworks
  • Lorsch Abbey
  • ShUM Sites Speyer, Worms and Mainz: Testimonies to Jewish Lives
  • Speyer Cathedral
  • Maulbronn Monastery Complex
  • Le Corbusier's work in Stuttgart

Other towns and cities worth seeing:

Length: approx. 650km
Starts: Cologne
Ends: Stuttgart
Duration: 5 days
Recommended overnight stays: Trier, Heidelberg

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