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Alexandrowka Museum Potsdam

Friedrich Wilhelm III built the Russian colony of Alexandrowka in Potsdam in 1826 as a tribute to his friend, the Russian Tsar Alexander. The museum here now takes a look back at the history of the site.

The museum, which was officially opened in January 2005, is a monument dating back to 1826 that is open for visitors to walk around. The permanent exhibition presents the many different aspects of the Alexandrowka Colony and the historical setting that led to the creation of the colony in the first place. Visitors are welcome to walk around one of the buildings, which was restored with some conservation-based restrictions imposed. The various rooms reflect the style of the Biedermeier era. The stunning Lenné Gardens were an original part of the Alexandrowka Colony.

The gardens were designed by Peter Joseph Lenné to offer Russian singers the perfect setting for music and relaxation. The original outside space was recreated as part of the German National Garden Show in 2001 and hundreds of old varieties of fruit have been grown here since then. For the past few years, the gardens have also been home to Karl Foerster's perennial shrubs from Friendship Island. Today, the whole area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Opening times: Friday to Sunday: 10 am–6 pm

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