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Carl Bosch Museum Heidelberg

This museum focuses on the history of technology as it presents the life and work of chemist and Nobel Laureate Carl Bosch. Visitors have the chance to learn all about the industry leader, Nobel Laureate, beetle collector and keen astronomer in what used to be his garage.

The Carl Bosch Museum is a technology museum spread out over 300 square metres with a focus on the life and work of the Nobel Laureate from Heidelberg. The exhibition covers the evolution of chemical engineering, the role of IG Farben in National Socialism and everything in between. In eight themed areas, visitors can learn about the history of chemical research and the evolution of the chemical laboratory, starting with the medieval art of fire assaying and ending with the futuristic theoretical laboratory of the modern day. Highlights include the workshop and laboratory setups, and the industrial equipment in the outdoor area.

Plus, there's plenty of opportunity to find out more about the private life of Carl Bosch, who had a legendary collection of beetles and butterflies and a passion for astronomy. The museum building was once home to Bosch's chauffeurs and the garage in which he kept his cars. Carl Bosch himself lived in Villa Bosch, just a few hundred metres away from the garage. Opening times: Every day except Thursday: 10 am–5 pm

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