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Cathedral Museum Trier

The Cathedral Museum showcases works of art from antiquity to the present day. The collection is presented in a beautifully converted Classicist-style building right next to Trier Cathedral.

As may be expected, the Cathedral Museum traces the history of the episcopal church with outstanding exhibits such as altars and tombs. The artefacts and models relating to early Christian church architecture are not to be missed and the Constantine ceiling frescos from a Roman palace that lies beneath Trier Cathedral make for a special attraction.

The museum is also home to models of the early Christian church alongside burial monuments, images of the Virgin Mary and Christ, icons and a collection of church steeple roosters on permanent loan. When it comes to religious folk art, the museum doesn't disappoint, with its extensive collection of prints, drawings, appliqué designs, framed art, beautifully crafted arrangements and reliquaries, exquisite cloister designs, silk prints, fascinating medals, all kinds of memorabilia and even religious kitsch. Want a top insider tip? The museum hosts regular concerts on a Friday. Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday: 9 am–5 pm, Sunday and public holidays: 1 pm–5 pm

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