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Documentation Centre of Everyday Life in East Germany Eisenhüttenstadt

Germany's only museum dedicated to everyday life in East Germany offers an informative and interesting look at politics, the world of work, consumer goods, education, culture and leisure in what used to be East Germany.

This fascinating documentation centre is located in a renovated former nursery with listed building status. The permanent exhibition features ten rooms that offer insight into politics and day-to-day life in the society of East Germany. Each of the exhibition areas looks at a different aspect of the world of work and family life in East Germany, with a focus on consumer goods and behaviour, education and means of communication. Other rooms explain the government system in East Germany, reveal the Socialist way of life and outline the opposition that reigned in the 1980s.

The museum was officially opened in 1993, with the aims of preserving the physical relics of East German culture, creating exhibitions and providing a space for research and education. Since then, some 170,000 items from everyday life in East Germany have been collected, including household goods, clothing, furniture, records, books, documents and photographs. There is a specialist library on site, where visitors can delve into publications originating from East Germany and newer volumes. Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday: 11 am–5 pm

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