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Freudenberg Palace Wiesbaden

Freudenberg Palace in Wiesbaden is a magical place with a large park area and a unique main exhibition that encourages visitors to use all their senses.

At over 60 stations, visitors are invited to play games to explore natural phenomena such as balance, gravity, light and darkness, sound and reverberation with all their senses – smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch. They have to feel their way through the dark, put their ear to the ground to listen for sounds and guess what scents belong to. The palace's own apiary is open to visitors too. One special attraction is the dark bar, where visitors can order and sip on a drink in a pitch-black setting.

Freudenberg Palace is also home to a small museum gift shop, workshops and a lovely café. There is plenty of opportunity to climb, balance and swing in the large park, which also has a barefoot path. Not to mention the tepees that are available to hire. Concerts and other extra events are put on during holiday periods and seasonal campfires and special workshops are added to the agenda too.

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