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German Emigration Centre Bremerhaven

This award-winning interactive museum uses detailed reconstructions based on true stories from real families in its exhibitions on European emigration overseas and 330 years of immigrants arriving in Germany.

At the German Emigration Centre, visitors can look back on the history of more than seven million people who emigrated to the New World from Bremerhaven. Since 2012, the museum has also focused on the 300-year history of immigrants arriving in Germany. The exhibitions bring the eventful past of emigrants throughout history to life. Visitors follow in the footsteps of people leaving for the New World, learning about the conditions on the journey over and the start of a new life upon arrival in the USA. They can also trace the journey made by immigrants heading towards Germany.

The detailed reconstruction of a shopping street from 1973 reveals a lot about immigrants, with mementoes on display amongst the items for sale that are sure to invoke a sense of nostalgia. Interactive exhibition rooms, sound installations and state-of-the-art museum technology take visitors on a journey back in time through the history of migration. At the end of the tour, visitors can access international databases and conduct research into any of their own ancestors who emigrated. Opening times: March to October: Every day 10 am–6 pm, November to February: 10 am–5 pm

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