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German Mining Museum Bochum

Since it was first opened in 1930, the largest mining museum in the world has evolved to become the remarkable attraction it is today. Even at a depth of 20 metres, it doesn't fail to amaze visitors with its fascinating insights into mining, including archaeological and historical aspects.

The exhibition space at the interactive Mining Museum spans some 13,000 square metres and there is even a reconstructed mine featuring true-to-life tunnels. In fact, the whole tunnel system stretches across 2.5 kilometres at a depth of 20 metres. Visitors can make their way from station to station via the tracks, allowing them to really get to grips with the world navigated by miners in the past. The shaft simulator allows visitors to experience the feeling of descending 1,200 metres into the earth's depths.

The permanent exhibition above ground features all kinds of fascinating information to open up deeper insights into the world of mining. Countless exhibits from through the ages make this possible, with replicas, multimedia elements and items to touch bringing everything to life. Equipment, machinery and tools from the past and modern-day mining feature in the displays. Minerals, ores and storage facilities are amongst the other topics covered at the museum, which is also home to a huge collection of miner's lamps. There is some discussion on why mining is still necessary in the modern day too.

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