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Grimm World Kassel

This museum presents the Brothers Grimm as two of the leading figures in German cultural history, who became household names around the world thanks to their collection of fairytales.

The city of Kassel in northern Hesse was where the Brothers Grimm lived, researched and worked for many years from 1789. Grimm World showcases the life and work of the famous linguists and founding fathers of modern German studies in a specially designed building in the Kassel vineyard area. Exciting interactive exhibits encourage visitors to get involved, whilst the most valuable items on display include the annotated copies of Children's and Household Tales, which have been included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register since 2005.

The fascinating history of the creation and evolution of the most comprehensive German dictionary is covered alongside the famous fairytales. Fun yet informative displays and a design that keeps on surprising visitors opens up new ways of looking at the diverse work of the Brothers Grimm along with their influence on society and politics. Don't forget to head up to the roof, where you can enjoy spectacular views from the platform. Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am–6 pm, Friday: 10 am–8 pm

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