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Jewish Museum Berlin

The Jewish Museum in Berlin takes visitors on a thrilling journey of discovery through the history of Judaism in Germany. Renowned architect Daniel Libeskind designed the spectacular building.

Here at the largest Jewish museum in Europe, the history of Jewish culture in Germany between the Middle Ages and the present day is divided up into 13 different eras. The past is brought to life and everyday objects, works of art, photos and letters add to the experience. The museum is designed to be a vivid space conducive to reflection on Jewish history and culture as well as the relationship between Jews and their non-Jewish surroundings throughout time. A reconstructed living room gives visitors the chance to learn about Jewish family life in the 1930s.

On that basis, the museum in Berlin engages with the concepts of migration and diversity, whilst considering the way in which we all live together in our modern society. The Jewish Museum's collection includes some 9,500 works of art, 1,000 applied art artefacts, 1,500 religious items, 4,500 everyday objects and 24,000 photographs. There are also some 11,000 books making up the historical archives in the library. Opening times: Every day: 10 am–8 pm

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