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Karlsruhe State Art Gallery

The State Art Gallery at the heart of Karlsruhe city centre takes visitors on a journey through the history of art. Here, the legacy of several centuries is preserved and discussions about works of art are positively encouraged.

The State Art Gallery in Karlsruhe is home to masterpieces from eight centuries, mainly by German, French and Dutch greats. The artwork is displayed in three lovely historical buildings surrounding the Botanical Gardens.

205 paintings from the 17th and 18th centuries, predominantly by French and Dutch artists, form the core of the collection. Major works include "Portrait of a Young Man" by Frans van Mieris the Elder and a self-portrait by Rembrandt van Rijn. The collection also includes religious works from the 15th and 16th centuries, such as two panels from the Sterzing Altarpiece and the wing fragment called "The Sacramental Blessing" by Bartholomäus Zeitblom. Between 1899 and 1920, painter Hans Thoma was the Curator of the Art Gallery and he acquired paintings by old masters, such as the "Tauberbischhofsheim Altarpiece" by Matthias Grünewald, and added 19th-century art to the collection. Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday and public holidays: 10 am–6 pm

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