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Musical Instrument Collection Brunswick

Brunswick's collection of musical instruments is internationally renowned for offering a fascinating insight into the history of musical instruments.

The collection features extraordinary examples of violins, mandolins, guitars and harps, but its main focus is on keyboard-based instruments that reveal the history of piano-making in the Brunswick region. Wind instruments such as cornets, horns, trumpets, flutes and clarinets are another welcome addition to the collection, which also includes a fife that once belonged to Prussian King Friedrich II, Louis Spohr's childhood violin, a Heinrich Steinweg piano from 1835 and a fortepiano formerly owned by eminent pianist Clara Schumann.

Much of this collection was gifted to the city by the Grotrian-Steinweg family. Amongst the valuable instruments are Barthold Fritze's clavichord that dates back to 1756 and a Grotrian-Steinweg piano that belonged to star pianist Clara Schumann. Both of these exhibits and more are on permanent display at the City Museum. The museum also works tirelessly to restore keyboard-based instruments that are in need of some TLC, such as the Opus 2706 mahogany harpsichord built in Vienna around 1830. Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am–5 pm

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