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Nolde Foundation Seebüll

Emil Nolde, considered to be one of the leading painters of the Expressionist movement, lived in Seebüll for several years. Here, visitors can admire many of his works and learn more about the man behind the art in his house, studio and garden.

Emil Nolde's former residence in the pretty area of Seebüll close to the Danish border is now home to this exhibition. The artist designed the house himself back in 1927. With narrow windows and a flat roof, the building stands proud against the flat landscape like a fortress. Its simple straight lines are reminiscent of Bauhaus architecture from the 1920s. Nolde deliberately made his building design stand in stark contrast to the quaint Frisian homes with thatched roofs in the surrounding area.

The living areas on the ground floor complete with original furnishings can be viewed from the outside and are set out to follow the sun's path. Back in Nolde's day, every single window would have afforded a magnificent view of the garden. Nolde's studio used to be located on the ground floor too, but now this is home to his religious images. The gallery is directly above the studio and the old living spaces on the first floor have been transformed into exhibition areas for Nolde's prints and drawings. The garden designed by Nolde himself is well worth a visit too. Opening times: March to December: Every day 10 am–6 pm

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