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Villa Schöningen

The permanent exhibition at Villa Schöningen, which is located right at the edge of Berlin and Potsdam, is dedicated to the symbolic and historical importance of Glienicke Bridge, which used to connect the political powers of East and West Germany.

The permanent exhibition at Villa Schöningen is dedicated to the history of the building and Glienicke Bridge. At the heart of the exhibition is the period between 1961 and 1989, when the border dividing Germany was right on the doorstep of Villa Schöningen and agents were exchanged between the East and West on Glienicke Bridge. The dramatic border tensions that existed between East and West Germany back then are brought to life at Villa Schöningen.

The villa is also home to temporary exhibitions on contemporary art organised by guest curators, with the aim of addressing aspects of Germany's division and the Cold War and making associations. During the summer months, the historical gardens provide the venue for sculpture exhibitions. The villa also has its own café as a lovely spot for whiling away the hours with a nice drink. Evening lectures, readings and other special events (relating to the fall of the Berlin Wall, for example) add to the attraction and provide visitors with even more information and different perspectives. Opening times: Thursday: 6 pm–9 pm, Friday to Sunday: 12 pm–6 pm

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