Wiesbaden is the capital of Hesse and also a spa town. The Kurhaus is not only for health - it also houses a casino. And hot springs entice you to taste the healthy water in many corners of the city.

Wiesbaden has everything it needs to be the perfect spa town with 26 hot springs, the Kurhaus spa assembly rooms, parks, a casino and the spa colonnade – one of Europe's longest columned halls at 129 metres. There is also plenty to see as you stroll through the Old Town, including the Old Town Hall built in 1610, and along the elegant Wilhelmstrasse, which is brimming with designer stores and vibrant cultural offerings. Alongside exclusive boutiques, galleries and cafés, the street is home to two internationally acclaimed museums. On the eastern side of Wilhelmstrasse lies Warmer Damm landscape park, which was laid out in 1860. Further to the east comes Söhnlein Villa, often referred to as the 'White House' because it resembles the Washington landmark.

The Wilhelm Street Festival is one of the biggest in Germany – an occasion that guarantees a steady flow of champagne and an exuberant atmosphere year after year. The locals' savoir-vivre is also evident in the nearby vineyards, the chic restaurants, bistros and brasseries and the smart wine taverns, bars and cafés. It can also be seen in the wide array of theatre, literature and music events, such as the Rheingau Music Festival, which transforms the entire region around Wiesbaden into a sensational summer concert stage every year. Whatever you fancy doing, Wiesbaden has it all. You just have to get yourself here.

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