How this website works

On this page you can find information in easy language.

There are different topics.

The menu is above.

In the white bar above there are some headings.

There is a red box with the heading: Menu.

Most headings lead to information in standard language.

But above in the white field is the heading: easy language.

You can click on that.

And then you will go to the information in easy language.

The overview

From the overview page you can go to all the other pages in easy language.

These pages are:

  • holiday ideas
  • Germany for people with disabilities
  • easy language in Germany
  • a big sports celebration in Germany 2023
  • information about this website
  • information about text in easy language

You can read more about each topic.

To do that:

  • either click on the picture
  • or click on the link that says „click here“
    The text of the link is red.

Then you will go to a new sub-page.

The sub-pages

On the sub-pages there is more information about a topic.

You can also go back to the overview page.

At the end of every page there is a link.

The link looks like this:

Back to the overview in easy language

Click on the link.

Then you will go back to the overview page.