As home to the largest open-air inhalatorium in Europe, Bad Kreuznach is widely believed to be one of Germany's best spa towns. The state-approved spa resort is located in a top destination for health, culture and tourism.

The mineral-rich healing water is the most essential local resource at Bad Kreuznach. The mineral water with a salt content of between 1.5 and 2% is pumped up from a depth of 500 metres and used in treatments centred around bathing and inhalation. Radon therapy delivered in a quicksilver cave is a speciality at Bad Kreuznach. The air underground is dry and almost completely free of dust, providing health benefits to those suffering from rheumatic pain and inflammation. Visitors can also breathe freely in Europe's largest outdoor inhalatorium in the Salinental Valley, where relief is available for the airways, bronchi and skin.

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