This Kneipp spa resort in the Allgäu is the birth place of the famous natural healing methodology, which was honoured as intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2015. And this is where its creator, the famous priest and therapist Sebastian Kneipp, lived and worked for over 40 years.

The original home of Kneipp hydrotherapy, Bad Wörishofen is committed to delivering top-class medical treatments and outstanding customer service within its impressive infrastructure. With the support and guidance of more than 90 doctors, visitors can take advantage of the Kneipp-inspired health treatments aimed at prevention and rehabilitation for stress, fatigue, back pain and circulatory problems. The resort has put its own modern holistic twist on Kneipp therapy that incorporates lifestyle and wellness. Visitors can benefit from this at the THERME Bad Wörishofen thermal baths, for example, where water babies can make use of bathing and sauna facilities spread out over 7,000 square metres in a tropical setting.

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