Oberstdorf has been honoured with two top accolades, officially making it a 'climatic health resort' and a 'Kneipp spa town'. This recognition, combined with the fresh, healthy air and beautiful natural surroundings, adds a lot of appeal to this popular health destination.

Oberstdorf is Germany's southernmost spa and health resort. Right at the heart of the Allgäu Alps, visitors are treated to pristine natural scenery and unbelievably pure air given that the town is one of 16 certified premium-class climatic health resorts. And there are more than 85 providers of wellness, beauty and (Kneipp) health treatments to choose from. Oberstdorf specialises in the treatment of musculoskeletal issues, cardiovascular diseases, psychosomatic and vegetative disorders, and internal diseases. Therapies are backed up with acupuncture, herbal medicines and alternative methods.

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