Holidaymakers in need of relaxation have been heading to St. Peter-Ording by the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea for over 150 years now, where they can relax in the natural landscape of dunes, sea and pine forests.

A seaside walk along the 12-kilometre beach is the perfect way to breathe in some pure North Sea air. The health-boosting climate works wonders on several parts of the body, alleviates respiratory disorders and skin conditions, and has a natural strengthening effect on the immune system. The wind and water release anti-inflammatory particles into the air, whilst the high salt content in the nicely humid air soothes and relieves the mucous membranes. The DünenTherme Thermal Baths entice visitors with a spectacular array of wellness treatments and massages, incorporating everything from Ayurveda to thalassotherapy, as well as all kinds of seawater and sulphurous saltwater baths.

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