Summer, sun, football – the 2024 European Football Championship in Germany is fast approaching. From 14 June to 14 July, ten German cities will become true football hubs, accompanied by major arts and cultural events for the public and a whole lot more to experience in and around the cities.

A special stadium experience

On game days the whole city will be full of fans, whose jerseys, scarves and chants make it clear which clubs they're rooting for. Every team has its anthem, and other songs join the chorus, creating a remarkable atmosphere in the stadiums – and at the celebrations in the football bars.

At the European Championship, fans from all over Europe come together to cheer on their team. At the same time, they have the opportunity to experience the local culture and forge stronger connections with each other – after all, in Germany, football means a unique opportunity to come together, tolerance, open-mindedness and emotional experiences.

Experience the cities and surrounding areas

Before and after the football matches, take time to discover the cities and their surroundings: from apple wine and "green sauce" to breathtaking castles, panoramic views from the Zugspitze, cycling in Neuseenland, impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites, industrial heritage, cosy beer gardens and a vibrant nightlife. Why not travel from one host city to the next? The cities are well connected by public transport. Learn more about our ten host cities here:

Discover our football playlist

Have a listen to some German football songs and team anthems to immerse yourself in the stadium atmosphere!