Whether along the Albtrauf itself, or keeping it firmly in view from afar - a breathtaking view on the over 113 km long quality trail is always guaranteed. The Leading Quality Trail and quality hiking trail leads to and from Wiesensteig in a total of 6 daily stages and captures countless highlights along the way.

Encountering the unique landscape of the Swabian Alb ridge is an unforgettable experience: quiet juniper heaths, flowering orchid meadows, idyllic orchard meadows, mysterious caves and castle ruins on impressively striking rocky outcrops characterise the region. Gentle hilltops, valleys and health-boosting springs await discovery. Breathtaking panoramic views from rocky outcrops and volcanic peaks sweep far across the country. The 113-kilometre route of the Albtraufgänger captures all the enchanting facets of the region and offers recreation and adventure at the same time. Hikers experience the Albtraufgänger in mostly six stages. Trail runners are much faster on the ALB-Traum 100. The best runners complete the whole loop in around 12 hours.

TIP: Ruins of Reußenstein Castle

The ruins of Reußenstein Castle are enthroned on the northern edge of the Swabian Alb and offer visitors fantastic views of the Neidlinger Valley. The imposing structure was built in the Middle Ages and reworked for tours in the 1960s.

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