The Eifelsteig Trail is probably one of the most diverse hiking routes in Germany. It offers a remarkable variety of landscapes and impressions – a real premium hiking sensation.

The Eifelsteig proudly presents: the Free Imperial City of Aachen . The moorland of the High Fens . The medieval town of Monschau. Spectacular lake scenery at the Rur and Urft Dams. Endless forests, an old abbey in Steinfeld (with excellent beer brewed on site) and a Roman aqueduct near Nettersheim. The waterfall in Dohm, narrow gorges and sprawling fields. The volcanic lakes near Daun (also known as the "eyes of the Eifel"). The two rival castles in Manderscheid, many mountain summits, mineral springs and old mills, drinks from Gerolstein (non-alcoholic) and Bitburg (alcohol). The Genoveva Cave and finally the former Roman city of Trier with the Porta Nigra city gate and the Imperial Baths. There is an insane amount of unbelievable diversity across the 313 kilometre Eifelsteig Trail. We love it!

TIP: the Lieser river

Manuel Andrack, editor, presenter, author and hiking blogger:

"I once called the route along the Lieser 'the most beautiful hiking trail in the world'. Maybe that's a bit over the top. But hiking along the Lieser river between Daun and Großlittgen does make you forget all your troubles and cares. It's a hiker's paradise!"

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