According to the German Bread Institute, over 3,000 different types of bread and other baked goods are sold in Germany every day. This breadth of choice is world-beating, and has been recognised as part of Germany’s intangible cultural heritage since 2014. You’ll also find huge regional variations between the speciality baked goods on offer.

The bread and baking traditions of Germany have been shaped by the geography and climate of the individual regions, as well as by the country’s eventful history. From the famous soft pretzels to nutritious wholemeal and rye-wheat bread all the way to rusks and pumpernickel, Germany has bread to suit every taste. It is produced using a wide variety of grains – chief among them wheat, rye and spelt – and methods handed down through the generations. Those who prefer their baked goods somewhat sweeter are also spoilt for choice, with Hamburg’s franzbrötchen pastries, Berlin’s doughnuts and the internationally acclaimed stollen cake from Dresden just some examples of what’s on offer.

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