We all know that cycling is wonderful for the body and soul, but let's not forget that a glass of wine is supposed to be good for our health too. The German Wine Route for Cyclists through the sun-soaked Palatinate region is a great way to enjoy many of the finer things in life.

This route takes cyclists on a tour of one of Germany's biggest wine-growing regions. Vineyards cover the countryside between the edge of the Palatinate Forest and the Rhine plain. Cyclists can take a break at a tavern or winery, where the region's finest wines are just waiting to be sampled. How about a drop of Riesling, white Burgundy or Dornfelder? They are all nicely paired with the local food, which ranges from hearty homemade dishes to gourmet cuisine. And the weather doesn't disappoint in the Palatinate either, where there are around 1,800 hours of sunshine every year. Anyone in need of a shady spot should head to the Palatinate Forest Nature Park, which is one of Germany's largest continuous areas of woodland.

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