In the north-east of Baden-Württemberg, the Kocher and Jagst Rivers meander through the countryside with a 4-star ADFC quality-certified cycle route by their side. And there are no end of stunning views and cultural highlights for cyclists to admire along the way.

The Kocher-Jagst Cycle Route, a loop starting and ending in Aalen, never strays too far from the riverbank. With not a car in sight for most of the route, cyclists pedal through green meadows, fields and wooded areas as well as alongside vineyard slopes famed for their fine wine. The Limes Museum in Aalen provides a fascinating insight into the lives of the Romans and their legendary border fortifications, which have been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. Thermal spas and baths along the route are just the ticket for reviving tired legs that have been busy cycling. Idyllic Medieval towns keep popping up along the way, enticing visitors in with their castles, palaces and half-timbered buildings. These settings also make for the perfect backdrop for open-air entertainment, such as the "Hohenlohe Summer of Culture".

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