The Lauenburg Lakes Nature Park, situated between Hamburg, Lübeck and the former border between East and West Germany, is home to deep forests, countless lakes, marshland and no end of cultural monuments.

In the hilly landscape shaped by glaciers in the Duchy of Lauenburg, flora and fauna have been left to grow along the former border within Germany without any human intervention. Spanning 474 square kilometres, the nature park features vast wooded areas and more than 40 lakes, including Lake Ratzeburg and Lake Schaalsee amongst the largest. These huge bodies of water are used for leisure and sporting activities by people, whilst they provide a habitat for animals and a resting site for migratory birds. This cultural landscape close to Hamburg is also home to countless monuments, historical relics and masterpieces from the art world. Not to mention the delicious regional cuisine that is served up in local country inns, where special game and fish dishes are bound to be on the menu.

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