The Lüneburg Heath and Südheide Nature Parks, situated in the north of Germany in the triangle between Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover, form the largest continuous area of heathland in Central Europe.

The Lüneburg Heath and the neighbouring Südheide heathland in the federal state of Lower Saxony are home to a unique blend of common and bell heather, junipers, herds of Heidschnucke sheep, old sheepfolds, farm buildings and beekeeping huts. The view from Wilseder and Wietzer hill is nothing short of impressive when the purple heather is out in bloom during August and September. But the good news is that the natural world doesn't disappoint at any time of year here, with ancient forests, striking trees, mysterious moors, bubbling springs, characteristic heathland rivers and stream valleys just waiting to be admired. Not to mention rare and endangered wildlife in many areas.

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