The River Neckar and its extensive wine-making culture are at the heart of this rich and varied route. With tranquil valleys and vibrant cities along the way, this 4-star ADFC quality-certified route has something for everyone.

Starting off at the source of the Neckar and following the course of the river, the route takes cyclists on a journey through narrow valleys and on to historical towns including the likes of Rottweil, Horb, Rottenburg and Tübingen. Leaving the Middle Ages behind, the route moves straight back into the here and now when it heads to Stuttgart. Then it's on towards Heilbronn and the Odenwald hills, where traditional castles and palaces are dotted between the vineyards. A nice glass of wine tastes even better with a view of Dilsberg Castle or Guttenberg Castle. There's no doubt that the students at Germany's oldest university could back up that statement. The castle and Old Town are must-see attractions in Heidelberg. The route then comes to an end in the nearby city of Mannheim, which is famed for its rich culture.

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