It's hard to resist Poel with its fresh sea breeze and picturesque landscapes. Unspoilt natural beauty, endless sandy beaches and a charming harbour are all part and parcel of life on the largest Baltic Sea island in Mecklenburg.

The idyllic island of Poel is situated in the triangle between the three Hanseatic towns of Rostock, Wismar and Lübeck. The landscape is rich and diverse, with the rugged cliffs standing in stark contrast to the gently sloping sandy beaches. Special protection is afforded to the salt marshes on Poel and the island of Langenwerder off the coast, where no end of coastal birds flock to breed. There are plenty of water-based activities on offer, such as trips on the passenger ship from the beautiful Kirchdorf Harbour, a spot of traditional fishing on a cutter boat and sporting adventures on pedalos, water skis and more.

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