This Romanesque Route follows in the footsteps of the Ottonian Emperors from Saxony-Anhalt for 1,200 kilometres, showcasing nature and culture in all their glory along the way.

The Romanesque Route, which is part of the Transromanica European Cultural Route, is dedicated to all things Romanesque. Nowhere else in Germany are there so many examples of the Romanesque period as in Saxony-Anhalt, between the Harz mountains and the River Elbe, Altmark and Saale-Unstrut. During the reign of Germany's first Emperor, Otto the Great, this region was an important global hub. And for history buffs, culture vultures and art lovers, the Romanesque Route has got to be the most exciting route in Germany as well as one of the oldest.

Some 73 towns and 88 Medieval buildings of European standing offer insight into the early days of German history and Romanesque art and architecture. Medieval sites where important events in history took place, cathedrals and their treasures dating back almost 1,000 years, abbeys, stunning castles, half-timbered houses and ancient towns are amongst the sights to be marvelled at. Legendary concerts, Medieval festivals and artistic projects set against the backdrop of Romanesque architecture are not to be missed either.

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