The exciting Ruhr Valley Cycle Route covers 240 kilometres from the Sauerland to the Ruhr Area. And it is rated as a 4-star quality-certified route by the ADFC.

Along this route, cyclists can expect to see a range of forests, meadows, castles, half-timbered buildings and industrial monuments. Former winding towers, blast furnaces and gasometers provide stunning backdrops for sport and culture. The banks of the River Ruhr are lined with one impressive sight after another. Examples include Arnsberg with its Medieval Old Town and Classicist district, the birthplace of Ruhr mining in the Mutten Valley, Lake Baldeney in Essen and, last but by no means least, the new Duisburg inner harbour complete with shopping and restaurant area. Terrain: the majority of the route runs alongside the river without any traffic to worry about. There are some steep climbs in the first 35 kilometres but the terrain is mainly flat after that point. The transport links are excellent. Scenery: riverscapes alongside the Ruhr, densely wooded highlands in the Sauerland region, the Ruhr urban area featuring monuments bearing witness to the days of heavy industry and mining.

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