The Schluchtensteig Trail in the Black Forest runs through the south of the Black Forest, near the border with Switzerland. We see the untamed beauty of the region up close on the 119 kilometre route.

Our hiking trail boasts the most impressive gorges the country has to offer. The streams whoosh across country. Cascading waterfalls bring a smile to our faces. Green moss grows on the steep rock faces. And we hike over root-covered forest floors which are so challenging that they are blocked off in winter. But we also reach plateaus with meadow paths offering up views sprawling across to the Alps and hike through dense spruce forests on wide forest roads. The Black Forest's Schluchtensteig Trail takes hikers past the famous Lake Schluchsee at a height of 952 metres above sea level and the cultural highlight on the route: St. Blaise's Cathedral . Whatever happens, we need to take plenty of food and drink with us as there are plenty of adventures to be had in the great outdoors on this trail, but very few eateries for refuelling.

TIP: Wutach Gorge

Manuel Andrack, editor, presenter, author and hiking blogger:

"Wutach Gorge is the pearl of the Schluchtensteig Trail. We immerse ourselves in a green abyss in this gorge – it's the Grand Canyon of the Black Forest."

Listen to the sounds of the Black Forest


You hear typical sounds from the Black Forest. Wind makes tree leaves and bushes rustle, birds chirp.

Quelle: Black Forest Tourist Board

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