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The Southern Harz Karst Trail - hiking in the land of gypsum and caves

We explore the geological diversity of southern Harz on the Karst Trail. The gypsum has eroded to form spectacular and unique landscapes.

This trail is the little brother of the Harz Witches' Trail. Our hiking trail runs through the south of the mighty Harz mountains at the heart of the North German Plain. The main route of the Karst Trail is around 100 kilometres long, and 20 partial and circular routes branch off from the main path. This is a tour for creative hikers where the journey is the destination. On the Karst Trail, we explore Osterode am Harz with its half-timbered houses, one of many medieval-style towns on our hiking tour. We learn about the unique geology of Southern Harz in the German Gypsum Museum in Walkenried. Experts reckon that the region's karst landscape is similar to the Croatian countryside, so we expect to be impressed by this exciting and unique natural world.

TIP: the Heimkehle gypsum cave

Manuel Andrack, editor, presenter, author and hiking blogger:

"I recommend a visit to the Heimkehle gypsum cave near Uftrungen. The water in the cave is a shimmering and mystical blue. At 22 metres in height, the largest cavern in the cave is a mighty 'cathedral'."

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