The Taunus Hills Nature Park just outside Frankfurt is the second largest nature park in Hesse and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the region. This comes as no surprise given the wide range of activities on offer.

Covering almost 1,350 square kilometres in total, the park provides the perfect conditions for native flora and fauna to thrive. Visitors to the Taunus Hills Nature Park can go on hiking, climbing, cycling or canoe adventures. During the winter months, they can enjoy a spot of sledging and skiing, with plenty of ski runs and cross-country skiing trails to choose from. It's hard to imagine an area more diverse than this one thanks to the Upper Taunus slopes, the Taunus Ridge to the north, the view of Frankfurt's skyline, the historical fort of Saalburg and the tranquil River Lahn that flows up to it. A special train, the Taunusbahn, transports visitors directly to the nature park from Frankfurt.

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