The Towns of Thuringia Route links seven of the prettiest towns between Eisenach and Altenburg. And cyclists can admire delightful natural landscapes and learn about the eventful past of this densely forested free state.

Historical town centres and countless other attractions are just waiting to be explored in the seven stops on the Towns of Thuringia Route. And there are links to famous German figures to be uncovered. The route starts off in Eisenach, which is known for being the home of Wartburg Castle. After Gotha, the birthplace of the German insurance industry, the regional capital of Erfurt impresses visitors with its 120-metre-long Merchants' Bridge, the longest inhabited bridge in Europe to have buildings all the way along it. The home of Classicism, Weimar, has plenty of world-famous attractions and Jena and Gera are fantastic places to explore, before the route guides cyclists to Altenburg, where the card game Skat was invented back in 1813.

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