The Uckermärker Landrunde is a 152-kilometer-long hiking trail in the north of Brandenburg. The Uckermark is a scenic jewel of Germany. Forests, lakes, pure nature.

The Uckermärker Landrunde is a German quality trail. This means that you cannot get lost here. The markings with the red dot on a white background help with orientation. But this does not mean that we are hiking to Japan. We are in northern Brandenburg, Berlin is not far away and the Polish border on the Oder River is very close. Spectacular is the closeness of the path to nature, right through the UNESCO biosphere reserve Schorfheide-Chorin . There the agriculture has changed: 33 percent of the farmers practice organic farming, which is a German top value! Along cobbled avenues, we walk as if we were in the 19th century. There, time seems to have stood still. The Uckermärker Landrunde leads us through very dense forests, but above all in the Uckermärkische Seen nature park, past beautiful water surfaces. Please don't forget your bathing suit - but nude bathing is also allowed. And the best thing is: hiking on this quality trail is a real wellness experience. Through the mostly flat path we walk without effort and forget the worries of everyday life.

TIP: Templin

7 lakes surround Templin, ideal for stand up paddling, canoeing, pedal boating or of course swimming. Historic town center with 1,735 m long and up to 7 m high city wall made of fieldstone with gate towers and weighing houses.

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