At the UNESCO South-East Rügen Biosphere Reserve, visitors are greeted by a diverse coastal landscape boasting sandy beaches for as far as the eye can see, lagoons cutting deep inland, cliffs, salt marshes and beech forests.

Visitors to the biosphere reserve in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania are sure to be wowed by the diversity of the landscapes here, with the coastline featuring white sandy beaches and steep banks. Huge boulders – relics from the Ice Age – and fossilised mussels and sea urchins offer fascinating insights into the earth's history. As a cultural landscape, the biosphere reserve has been shaped by people since the Mesolithic period. Nature lovers will surely appreciate how pristine the island of Vilm is. And if they want to explore, they'll have to go on a guided hike. The biosphere reserve is also making its mark when it comes to biodiversity, with rare bee species making a home here alongside grey seals and orchids.

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